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About Us

THIS IS OUR SUPPLY LINES designed to kit our many runners out as cheap as physically possible with all the best practical gear. This is not our main website, we've connected together multiple sites all bringing healthy fitness running challenge and training BEAST of a system.

We're continually undergoing a transformation here at Citizen Betterment Directive.  This shop front was originally the space we used to
organise our memberships, teamwear & challenges, then we started selling the odd thing to attract new runners. Now it has attracted all the big brands willing to support our planned EVOLUTION OF BRITISH RUNNING we just have to use this to our best advantage. 

This store is one of our member-generators by sourcing and supplying brilliant stuff to strangers then letting them see what we all get up to. All year around. Then we're using the revenue from their purchases to discount all of our members gear, as by design. 2020 is a big year for us.  We turned 10year old in September19 and 2020 brings great things. 

This is all a big well-constructed ploy to get you to see what we do.

We reward all of our following with 30% off every single thing we lay our professional hands on. The Path is clear:
  1. 10% OFF ALL RRP'S AS STANDARD just for coming here
  2. 15% OFF (another 5% reduction) FOR JOINING THE UPDATE SERVICE
  4. 25% OFF (another 5% reduction) FOR JOINING TRAINING WING JRC
  5. 30% OFF (another 5% reduction) FOR GETTING VERIFIED AS COMPETANT RUNNER and becoming an inspiration to others.

Everyone involved in the organisation is a runner, and all love being outdoors, over all terrains and in all weathers. Granted, many others love the other activities covering the health and fitness and achievement based self-glory spectrum: cycling, Triathlon, Hiking, Dog Walking, but nothing energises Mojo better than two-footed fast-forward motion, so that's what we nurture: Get out on the trails and roads and be awesome.

Everyone is welcome to join one of our crews to get access to the #Discounts;  Training Challenges or, you can simply take advantage of the decent kit.

Just Runlyss being our Business Wing and Member Generator, prides itself Fast efficient service, value for money, designed to subsidise your awesome and offer non-stop training. Nothing more, nothing less.

This site is simply the place to arrange the signups and and the many wonderful running brands we supply to our members at ridiculously low prices.  Activate Mojo.

JUST RUNLYSS for affordable big brand runwear

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