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We're creating a business like no other with the sole purpose of serving the running and active lifestyle community better.

Not only do we endeavour to make our prices cheaper than all other online retailers, we also reward the support of our memberhood with further discounts of 5, 10, 15 & 20% off the prices using our GET VERIFIED programme which nurtures better running and building our helpful mutually supportive community.

Supporting our organisation starts by running for us & wearing our logo and then building up to helping the processes of the online support system.

Climbing up the ranks of the run3rings organisation comes with greater perks and greater assistance-responsibilities, such as sharing the posts, helping out in events and joining us working the races around the country.  Our new members start on 5%, our Teamrunners get 15% and our busy admins get 20-30% in return for their spare time in helping us grow into the organisation we envisage.

It's all just to nurture our growth and as we're a community group and private members group we're not designed to keep money in our coffers.  All the profits we make is used in reducing the costs of the runwear for those who help us the most.

Every runner and member must verify themselves as capable each year to keep their perk level valid. The more we support eachother and the more smiling we do out in the race world, the more members we generate and the more discounts we can afford to give.

By rights if we get everyone to level Admin everyone gets everything for cost price

Discount rules
ACCEPTING DISCOUNTS FROM US MEANS WE ARE MAKING LESS THAN ALL OF THE OTHER SPORTSWEAR PROVIDERS SO IF YOU ACCEPT THE REDUCED COSTS WE ASK POLITELY THAT YOU OFFER US A DEGREE OF FLEXIBILITY WITH TIMES and FURTHER CONDITIONS WHICH ALLOW US TO ROLL THIS GROUNDBREAKING MODEL KEEPING EVERYONE SERVED FOR LESS.  We cut out the middlemen to serve our community better.  Returns and refunds cost us the money that you would usually be charged for but we're discounting it all to keep the prices low. (this is just a new section in our store - here are the basic facts, we'll be updating this page as we go)