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Welcome to the JustRunLYSS Charity Drive Good Deed Runner Maker

Mission Brief:
Recycled Running Shoes is was o help the nation folk get the best from their running by supplying equipment out of reach to some.

Now we're developing this next segment in our development where we reach out
to those who for whatever reason: can't even stretch to a pair of running shoes.

Operating brief: a simple 3 part plan
• We're donating the decent pairs to those who need them
• Selling off the ones that aren't suitable for newbies
• Donating all the proceeds to our seasonal chosen charity.

OUR SPRING/SUMMER 2019 Charity is:

Single Homeless Action Initiative in Durham

What we're looking for:
Trainers, running shoes, Gym shoes, court shoes

Any Brand, Any Size
Any standard as long as they're not threadbare, full of holes or 'stinking'

If anyone was good enough to donate a brand new pair to be gifted
we assure these will not be sold

Contact us any time between 9am - 11pm 7days

Reserving shoes:
We can reserve your chosen shoes for that day without a deposit
call us on the number above or through messenger quoting the
Shoe Code from the listing.

They automatically return to general sale each morning.


We do not accept returns but if you're not happy with the products just contact us.

This is a charitable quest we can not afford the luxury or funds to refund
the shipping fee.

LET US KNOW IN 24hrs IF YOU WANT TO RETURN and then get them
back to us as quick as you can. 5 days max.

Charity donation promises

All4StuartPaul Private Trust will ensure 33% of the proceeds of EACH pair sold
is paid to the charity 24hrs after delivery of the items to their new homes

We also promise to ensure the remainder of the proceeds is used only to secure
this program nationally.